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Tinseltown started as a sit- down Diner with a small element of take away trade. Since 2016 we have steadily grown our delivery business and now accounts for 70-80% of total sales.



The trend is for this to increase over time.


Our product is very popular with our customers and we generate plenty of repeat business.


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King of Wings (KOW) launched as a virtual brand in April 2019. The basic concept is chicken wings with unique sauces, a mono-product, which we do really well. Brand recognition will become very strong, as it is only one product, “wings”, and this gives us a point of difference.


Operationally, KOW is very simple and there are minimal steps to have a finished product ready to be collected for deliveries. All wings are marinated, coated and part cookedpar-cooked at the central kitchen, as are our own recipe sauces and coatings. They are portioned and packed ready and distributed for final cook off – to be picked up by a driver ready for delivery.


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Within the food and beverage industry there are no real chains of an Indian takeaway or delivery, with most chains only focusing on restaurants. Within the F&B sector here are no real chains of an Indian takeaway / delivery with most chains focussed on restaurants. 

The demand is still strong for Indian food, but the problem is the supply and consistency of product and accountability.

Indian restaurants are closing at their fastest rate and this is solely down to a lack of specialists’ chefs. 

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Mr Rice Guy does one thing; and does it really well. It’s all in the rice.

Rice is a very versatile product. So we figured out a way to use our existing chicken products and handmade sauces to create a new and exciting brand.

Mr Rice Guy offers a simple yet tasty range of meat, veg and sauce combos, paired with only the best quality rice.

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Burritolicious concept

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Burrito-licious is all about personality. from our very own handcrafted sauces to the highest quality meats, this confident brand really packs an authentic punch.

We are constantly working on perfecting every ingredient that goes into our burritos. while most burrito brands use highly processed ingredients and artifical additives, we source the highest quality produce and prepare them fresh to order.

Burritos are rapidly becoming a great social food and a healthy yet tasty alternative to fast food options. Burritolicious combines simplicity with the real tastes of Mexico


Dog'N'Bun is all about love for hot dogs. Not only we prepare them using 100% selected best cuts but also jazz them up with the most authentic handmade sauces and much more.

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